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Pre-qualification software that analyses the risk profile of construction businesses and projects in seconds.

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We’re building user-friendly software that provides construction businesses with peace of mind by helping them to analyse the risk profile of their business more efficiently and effectively.

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Risk Analysis & Mitigation Strategies

Know your contractors better than they know themselves by identifying red flags within your supply chain in seconds. Giving you a competitive edge during tender negotiations.


Verified Construction Network

Using a combination of construction focussed metrics and reviews from other industry participants, our verified construction network ensures that you work with only the highest performers within the industry.


Quality Benchmarking

Better manage the performance of your contractors at all stages of the project through KPI tracking, financial benchmarking and parameters that are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your business.


Per year in unpaid debt for construction insolvencies


All new construction buildings were defected in 2018


Construction business went broke in 2018